Apartment building in Monk Gabriel Salos Avenue #138, near new Church of Nativity of Virgin Mary.

The project of the apartment building was drawn up by Architecture Service of Tbilisi City Hall according to the Order #573347 of March 7, 2013

The Project territory locates in #48 Bogdan Khmelnitsky Str., Tbilisi (Cadastre Code: and its area is 2700.0 sq. m.

Frame and roofing are represented by the reinforced monolith; filler block. The façade is finished by betopan tiles, decorative bricks, alucobond and basalt stones. Railing materials – metal and glass railings; windows are done of repoussage white profiles; a double glass package.


The building at interactive map




Technical and Economic Parameters

1. Land area (sq. m.).: 2700.0
2. Construction area (sq. m.).: 991.6
3. Common area (sq. m.).: 9471.5
4. Dwelling area (sq. m.).: 6169.6
5. Commercial area (sq. m.).: 755.7
6. Summer area (sq. m.).:  759.6
7. Square of the staircase and the entrance (sq. m.).: 867.3
8. Parking area (sq. m.).:  919.3
9. Construction capacity (cub. m.).:  35689.0
10. Higher than 0.00 (cub. m.).:  32383.0
11. Lower than 0.00 (cub. m.).:  3306.0
12. Construction height of the building-construction (m).:  37.5
13. Higher than 0.00 (m).:  34.5
14. Lower than 0.00 (m).:  3.0
15. Calculated area of K1 construction ratio (sq. m. and defined ratio).: 991.6 --- 0.4
16. Calculated area of the ratio of construction intensity (sq. m. and defined ratio).: 8889.4
17. Calculated area of ratio of K3 greening (sq. m. and defined ratio).: 854.9 --- 0.3
18. Quantity of floors.: 9