Isani Building Construction Company Ltd was founded in 2011. The underlying activity of the company is construction building.

Isani Building Construction Company Ltd closely cooperates with various companies, shares their experience in order to inculcate in its business.

Isani Building Construction Company Ltd strictly defines main principles of Company activities.

High quality of construction goes with high architectural value.

The market survey and studying customer interests in details to meet their demands.

Attraction of highly qualified personnel.

Experience for main value for development.

Taking into account of an existed real conditions.

These principles warrant further development and success. The company is strictly oriented to the building utilization and considers that a quality and experience are principal values for development of the Company and its success.



We are building dwelling apartment house in which will be accommodated commercials, auto-parking. On the highest floor will be placed terraces.



Construction is carried out with observation of modern technologies, usage of high quality materials by qualified engineer-builders. The building will be built with modern water-proof and moisture-proof materials, communication means, water supply, sewage system, power supply and gas. Devices will be installed by specialists of high profile according to international standards; in each entrance will be installed lifts of modern type.



The building will be built and put into operation according to compiled project within established terms observing modern technologies; there will be used new materials under European standards. The visual part of modern design will be in conformity with modern building norms.